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NJP to Rishyap - 110 Km. via Kalimpong or 120 Km. via Garubathan
CLimate - Summer 10ºC to 19.5ºC Winter 0ºC to 6ºC
Altitude - 8500 ft.
Climate: - Tropical, Temperate and Alpine
Language Spoken: - Nepali, Bhutia, Hindi, English, and Bengali


Rishyap or Rishop, developed in 1998, is rapidly becoming a popular tourist point. Rishyap-“Ri” stands for mountain peak (some say it 'lofty’) and “shop” means age-old trees in Tibetan) is an ideal destination for a peaceful getaway. Situated over the Neora valley in North Bengal at a height of 8,500ft, best known for its panoramic view of not only 180º Mt. Kanchenjungha but also Mt Kabru, Kokthang, Pandim and the Nathu La Pass.

The deep silent forest of Pine, Birch, Fir and Orchids with soothing path following the chirps of birds & the view of big sky on the lad of snowcapped Khang-Chen-D-Zongha is a special gift of Rishyap. The 360º visible mountain ranges one can find from Rishyap are (left to right) Mt.Kharg, Kokthang, Rathung, Kabroo (North, South, Dome and Fourth), Talung, Pandim, Khang-Chen-D-Zongha, Simvo, Narsingh, Siniolchu.Another two peaks after these lie Khanchangyao and Panhundri - remains as the peridens between Sikkim and Tibet and just below it lies the glacier called "Khangse" which also happens to be the source of river Teesta. Clola, Nathula, Jelepla, Batungla - The Clola Range form the border between Sikkim and Tibet. Just behind these form 'La's lies the 'Chumvy Valley' which is in China.

The blue mountains of Sikkim by its side are also worth watching. Nathu La and Jalep La are also visible from Rishyap. Sunset turns the snow-capped pinnacles into pink and gold. Only 11 km Jeepable road from Lava walking distance - 4 km through pakdandi) & 27 km from Kalimpong, Lava leads to a beautiful small hamlet Rishyap, nestles amidst the hidden hills of Neora Valley, covered with Dhupi, pine and rhododendron trees.

There is a picturesque trekking route from Lava for the adventurous. For the others, a bumpy car ride from Lava will take around half an hour. From NJP by car to Lava, through Gorubathan amid lush tea gardens. The Kagyu Thekchen monastery, the serene Changay falls and also Lolegaon, a picturesque little village.

The road to Rishyap is extremely bumpy as it is strewn with rocks and boulders. But the sheer beauty of the picture postcard village is worth every aching muscle in your body. Get a view of the majestic Kanchenjungha from GOLDEN SOJOURN(SUNAKHARI RETREAT), GREEN VALLEY & RISHYAP TOURIST CENTRE. The sound of multitudes of birds — some known some exotic —music to the ears.

The villagers have transformed the hill slopes through terrace farming, growing potato, maize, cabbage and other crops. Seeing their simple lives from so close is a unique experience.

Rishyap is pure bliss for tired eyes and the soul. Teffindara (the oldest name - Sherpa Dara), a view point, offers a 360º all around panoramic view of the Himalayan range. Sunrise in Rishyap will be in memory for years. Sunset turned the snow-capped pinnacles to molten gold, a view impossible to capture in words. A trek through Neora Valley National Park can be a thrilling experience.

A top a hill which presumes the garb of a paradise, what with the flouting clouds and mysterious mists, the wild flowers and plants covering in vastness the slopes all across – Rishyap is truly the place to visit for those nursing the soul of a nature lover or a mystic. Rishyap also is the place where bird watching can be quite delightful, what with the birds of all kinds and colors, chirping happily in its cold green climes.

At night Rishyap offers a bright and clear sky. It may seem that the stars have come closer. Far below, one can view the lights twinkling in the nearby towns and villages. Lights of Pedong and Gangtok can be seen on a clear night.

Southeast of Rishyap is the Lava monastery. The entire village is not covered by motorable road. To see the whole village, one has to walk down the mountains with majestic Kanchenjunga standing in front.

Electricity has made its way into this village less than 4 years ago, and this place still owns her virgin charm. There is nothing much to do, but play with the clouds all the time, and watch the majestic Kanchenjungha ranges on a clear day.

Golden Sojourn(Sunakhari Retreat), Green Valley Resort & Rishyap Tourist Centre stand atop a hill, among the scattered cottages, encircled with Neora Valley National Park infested with rare species animals like Panda, Bear and the likes. The only resort in Rishyap, situated in the highest position offering the modern comforts along with the natural beauty, Golden Sojourn(Sunakhari Retreat), Green Valley Resort & Rishyap Tourist Centre make for the perfect nature retreat, where one can expect himself to be kissed by the clouds and inhale tons of fresh unadulterated air.


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